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Fashion Photographer & Creative Director

Dipu Mollah is a Fashion Photographer and Creative Director deeply influenced by the rich cultures, arts, and filmography of his upbringing in Sicily, Italy.

His work blends nostalgia with modern aesthetics, capturing the essence of Italian heritage and dolce vita.

With years of experience and international recognition, Dipu has collaborated with prestigious clients such as Calzedonia, BBC, Fashioncrossover London, Olmedo Label, Vidi Black, Marysh Studio, Pharaoh, Marie Claire UK, The Times & Sunday Times, and Xmag UK & Spain among others.

Dipu specializes in capturing style and elegance, bringing a unique blend of Italian charm and professional expertise to his visual stories. He finds inspiration in the vibrant streets of Sicily and enjoys exploring new cultures.


Based in London, Dipu works across Europe and is available for international projects and collaborations, always ready to bring his signature style to new creative challenges.

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